What INCOTERMS 2000 to choose ?

The Incoterms EXW , FCA , FAS , FOB limit the exporter's bonds and place it in conditions near of a national sale. On the other hand, the other Incoterms prolong its intervention and drive it to assume a bigger part of the expenses and risks.

Which to choose?

On a very competitive market, the exporter must present to his prospect a comparable price offer to the one of the national producers. Of this fact, he privileges the Incoterms of the groups C ( that is to say CFR ; CIF ; CPT; et CIP) et D ( that is to say DAF ; DES ; DEQ ; DDU et DDP).

Otherwise, to reinforce the competitiveness of his/her product, he endeavors to minimize the costs. It is preferable that it is in charge of the routing transactions in order to keep the mode of most suitable transportation and least costly, subject to a good knowledge of the different constraints of logistics in the country of arrival (harbor clutter, difficulties to the level of the post-routing or the clearance...).

However, the formulations of price according to the conditions C ( CFR ; CIF ; CPT ; et CIP) ou D (DAF ; DES ; DEQ ; DDU et DDP ) can be antagonized by the intervention of the purchaser's state that, to assure the traffic to his/her state enterprises, incite his/her nationals (or impose to them) to deal with the Incoterms of the group F ( that is to say FCA ; FAS et FOB).

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