What do the incoterms 2000 specify ?

The incoterms as we rather told it have a primordial role in the international commercial contract
**The role of the incoterms

  • The incoterms specifies:
    • The transfer of the risks
    • The sharing of the expenses
    • The seller's documentary obligations

An international sale includes more important risks than a domestic sale; it imports to designate that supports them. The national rights often establish a narrow relation between the transfers of the risks and property but don't define the same way this last.

The international chamber of commerce took therefore the party to fix uniform rules concerning transfer of the risks without worrying about the transfer of ownership that remains governed by the law of the contract.

The Incoterms also indicate the sharing of the expenses bound to the delivery (transportation, insurance, clearance, etc...) between buyer and seller. They express, finally, the documents that the seller provides to the buyer.

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