3) FAS : free alongside ship...named port of shipment

  • Use: maritime transportation
  • Type of sale: Sale at departure

Only mode of maritime transportation

Transport by see
Assumed by
the seller

Main obligations of the parts

  • The SELLER must:
    • deliver the goods along the ship indicated on the wharf or in the lighters (barges ).
    • take in charge the clearance export if it is necessary.
  • The BUYER must:
    • choose the carrier and to conclude the contract of transportation.
    • support all expenses from the moment where commodity has been remitted along the ship.
    • conduct the clearance import.

Other important points

  • Documents demanded of the seller: commercial invoice or equivalent data computer ; received "along the side."
  • Delicate point: the recourse to the lighters raises some controversies since the expenses and risks of this transhipment are incumbent upon the salesperson. He has been admitted that it would be some thus when the use of the lighters corresponds to an use usual of the port; in the opposite case, these expenses and risks are chargeable to the purchaser.
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