Detailed presentation of the Incoterms 2000

We begin this section while showing you the apportionment of the Incoterms 2000 according to the mode of chosen transportation
For reminder, as mode of transportation, we have:

  • For the continental transportation, one can use:
    • Rail
    • Air
    • Sea
  • For the intercontinental transportation, the choice cuts down to:
    • Sea
    • Air

N.B: Nevertheless recall that some techniques permit the use of several modes of transportation without real break of charge,
that is without discharge and reloading of commodity. It is about for example of :

  • combined transports rail-road (technique of the "mobile cash box" or the" rolling road");
  • fluvio-maritime combined transports (lighter-aboard-ships, cargo-liners) ;
  • combined transports road-sea (technique of the ferry-boat, roll-on-roll-ofves (Ro-Ro));
  • combined transports iron-sea (ships door-wagons).

However most of them remain limited use.
This chart presents you, the correspondence between every Incoterm 2000 and the different modes of transportation ( in the continuation of the price, we retailed every Incoterm 2000 according to every fashion of chosen transportation. )

Mode of transportation and the suitable Incoterm 2000

All mode of transport

Group E EXW Ex Works (... named place)
Group F FCA Free Carrier (... named place)
Group C CPT Carriage Paid To (... named place of destination)
  CIP Carriage and Insurance Paid To (... named place of destination)
  DAF Delivered At Frontier (... named place)
Group D DDU Delivered Duty Unpaid (... named place of destination)
  DDP Delivered Duty Paid (... named place of destination)

Maritime and interior waterway transportation only

Group F FAS Free Alongside Ship (... named port of shipment)
  FOB Free On Board (... named port of shipment)
Group C CFR Cost and Freight (... named port of destination)
  CIF Cost, Insurance and Freight (... named port of destination)
Group D DES DES Delivered Ex Ship (... named port of destination)
  DEQ Delivered Ex Quay (... named port of destination)
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