11) DEQ : delivered ex quay...named port of destination

  • Use: maritime transportation
  • Type of sale: sale at destination

Solely mode of maritime transportation

Transportation by sea
Assumed by the seller

Main obligations of the parts

  • The SELLER have:
    • To take in charge the clearance export, if it is necessary.
    • to deliver the goods in the agreed destination embankment.
    • to pay for the expenses of discharge
  • The BUYER have:
    • To receive the goods in the embankment in the agreed destination port.
    • To take in charge the clearance import.

Other important points

  • Documents demanded of the seller: commercial invoice or equivalent computer data; document allowing the purchaser to take delivery to the embankment of the ship (bill of lading or good of delivery) as well as invoice of discharge.
  • Delicate point: the setting to disposition of the goods by the salesperson covers a physical statement (goods to the embankment of destination) but also a legal situation, that is that the purchaser owes Útre in possession of the document allowing him to take delivery.
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