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Between localization and globalization scale...

Between localization and globalization scale:

what is the adaptation degree to the local culture?

For you what does globalization remind of?

It may remind you of exactly the same Big Mac that you eat all over the world! Yes you are right… But let us think more about “the adaptation of the globalization”: it seems as a controversial sentence “adaptation” vs. “globalization”. The meaning of that is to understand the degree that multinational companies need to adapt to local culture in order to be successful. By this logic, many companies are using a strategy of “Glocal” which is a combination of 2 words “GLObal” and “loCAL”.

This concept is actually not recent. Contrary to what one might think, globalization is not an invention of the 20th century and not a capitalistic concept born in the collapse of the communist system. It is considered as a long term process back to several centuries ago.

The topic of globalization has always been a subject of great debates. Pros and cons of this phenomenon are clashing on regular basis. But the truth is that nowadays, it is very rare to find corporations that are beyond the influence of globalization. In fact, this complex phenomenon compromising new challenges for a company is perceived as a fundamental guideline for international managers.

Globalization helps corporations on one hand to build economies of scale in different domains such as production, logistics and marketing to get significant competitive advantages and on the other hand, to diverse and even get new ideas thanks to constant international researches and developments.

All in all it seems that globalization still have a promising future meanwhile being between the hands of an uncertain environment constantly changing all over the world.

Lamia Al Adlouni

Master student in Marketing Management & Communication in Ecole Supérieur de Commerce de Toulouse

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