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ICC to hold international contracts training

The success of international business depends on the quality of contracts signed. Too often, if the relationship between parties deteriorates, loopholes in the contract make the situation worse. Negotiating and drafting a contract are important skills and techniques that need to be learned.

Following on from the successful training provided in previous years, the ICC Institute of World Business Law is organizing a three and a half day PIDA training on negotiating and drafting international contracts, as well as managing the "post-contract" and dealing with different kinds of conflict resolution.

To be held in Paris from 23-26 February, the training will focus on the main problems that arise in international contracts with particular attention given to avoiding disputes.

“PIDA training programs are not only interesting and useful, but they also provide participants with an exchange of ‘real’ experiences. They represent a unique opportunity to have a complete insight into all the most delicate steps of negotiating and drafting international contracts,” said Sigvard Jarvin, Attorney, Jones Day, France and Chairman of this PIDA training.

Designed specifically for legal directors, corporate counsel, practicing lawyers and other legal professionals, the training will cover strategies and techniques of negotiation, drafting techniques and clauses, methods of dispute resolution as well as different cultural and legal approaches.

To ensure an interactive discussion and small working groups for the study of the mock case, the training is limited to 40 participants. Early booking is recommended as places are filling up fast.

The course can be credited towards training under the “taxe de formation professionelles” in France. It has also received the official CNB approval. Participants are eligible for 23.5 CLE credits under New York’s approved jurisdiction procedures, 19.5 MCLE credits under the State Bar of California, and 19.5 CPD hours under the Law Society of the Bar of England and Wales.

Source:  ICC
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