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Who are we?

icom7.com is a community of international trade, business and international commerce, created in December 2006 by an International Business & International Marketing Student.

icom7.com provides a communication platform for all those working in or interested in international trade and international business.

Jacques Jules Guiffo Temgo is a web developer, SEO Consultant, SEO specialist and holds a Masters in International Business and International Marketing (Including SEO and SEM) from The Escuela Española de Negocios Internacionales (Spain) and a BTS (HND) in International Business and Trade from the University Siantou Supérieur.

What began as a one-person project has grown to involve a team of diverse personalities and with varied backgrounds.

The icom7.com project includes several categories:

How to contribute to the community?
To help the community you can participate actively in the project, link to Us or make a donation.

This site is for you, for us, for everyone, sign up easily and freely and enter the sharing community of icom7.com.

OUR PASSION & MISSION: To help facilitate people's lives in International Business, International Commerce and International Trade 7 days a week and in the 7 continents of the world ( Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Oceania ).

We are open to any kind of partnership (commercial, editorial, listing, link exchange, banner displays ...)
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